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 Safety lancets- $12 per box of 100



Due to the new Medicare regulations that went into effect on July 1 we will no longer be able to supply you with diabetic supplies. Efforts are being made to get this decision reversed. You can help by calling 800-MEDICARE and/or our state congressmen to complain about the new guidelines. You can in the meantime get supplies through a local pharmacy such as Walgreens, Walmart or CVS. You will have to ask if your local pharmacy can still bill for supplies. Or you can get them through a national mail order company. The list of approved companies can be found at the address below. We will continue to let you know of any changes. While transitions are taking place we will be offering emergency strips at $15.00 per box of 50. Also most pharmacies and mail order companies do NOT carry safety lancets. It is becoming increasingly common that facilities are getting wrote up for not using them. We will be selling those for $12 per box of 50.


Restorative Medical is a locally owned and operated company that serves all of North Carolina. We believe that seniors and people with special needs deserve the opportunity to enjoy all the simple pleasures in life. Our mission is to provide individualized and customized supplies and equipment designed to promote and restore independence and enhance your quality of life. We are also dedicated to providing and delivering unsurpassed service to our clients. With unparalleled service, our clients are assured that all aspects of delivery and customer assistance are managed by people that are compassionate and patient focused.

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North Carolina Association for Medical Equipment Services

North Carolina Association of Long Term Care Facilities

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